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ADC Colorado supplies refurbished Hewlett Packard (HP)/Agilent and new Hewlett Packard computers and test equipment to a wide variety of dealers and end-users. ADC carries a full line of HP/Agilent series 200/300/400/700 workstations, I/O cards, and peripherals with a full 90 day warranty. We specialize in HP/Agilent series 300 workstations, controllers, and interfaces for HP BASIC and HP-UX users.

ADC Colorado not only provides equipment to industry, but also provides extensive consulting services related to Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Agilent workstations and data acquisition.

In addition, we provide repair and maintenance services for your Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Agilent equipment, and will purchase those items you no longer need. Please contact us, if you have excess inventories you would like to exchange for cash, or other equipment.

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